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Marquee hire can be a great way to get access to practical, attractive-looking and high quality Herne Bay marquees for a range of different purposes.

Whether you are looking for specialised wedding shelters or just something generic for an outdoor get-together, we can provide a huge range of different marquee hire options to help you find the options that fit your needs best.

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Our professional service is focused on giving each Herne Bay client the marquee hire they need. Of all your help and hired equipment, the shelter is usually a core part of making the experience comfortable for your guests. Whether we are supplying clients with a short-term marquee hire option or a multi-purpose marquee over an extended period, we understand how to pick out the best marquee options for each customer.

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Who are Hire a Marquee?

We at Hire a Marquee came together to form a professional marquee hire company that understands what customers want, providing great service and excellent marquee options for a range of marquee hire purposes. With years of experience in our field and great success with countless past clients, our team works hard to supply the right marquee hire options to each customer we take on. We take great pride in our work and can offer a massive range of marquee hire options to meet any customer’s requirements.

What We Do

As a professional marquee hire company, we focus on our marquee hire options first and foremost. This means that we can stock and supply a long list of high-quality marquee options suitable for a vast variety of occasions and events.

Our team of professionals knows how to pinpoint the right marquee options for each customer’s needs and situation, giving them the right shelters and structures for each space.

We do our best to supply entirely bespoke marquee hire options in Herne Bay, giving customers shelters at the right scale, size, style and structure to match their requirements.

Like all equipment hire options, we understand that a marquee can be an invaluable part of a special day or event, and aim to provide the best options for each of our clients.

Over 1000 Bookings in the Last 15 Years

With over 10 years of experience as a marquee hire company and thousands of marquee hire options supplied all across the UK, we know how to handle each hire request perfectly.

Our extensive range of high-quality marquee options allows us to work with all kinds of customers in Herne Bay, providing them with the right marquee for each occasion.

Local Marquee Delivery

We can provide efficient and reliable marquee hire delivery to customers all across the UK, making sure that the marquees will arrive as expected. Whether you need your marquee by a specific date or just want it as soon as possible, we can do our best to meet your delivery requirements.

Types of Marquees That We Hire Out

Like any good marquee hire company, the Hire a Marquee hire company has a huge range of different marquee options available to supply in Herne Bay.

We know how varied marquees can be, and how many different events they might become important for, so we try to give each client the right equipment for their specific event, service and space.

Stretch Tent Hire Herne Bay

One of the most recommended marquees, from 3m x 6m all the way up to 20m by 45m, Stretch Tents add a stylish design to any event and come in a variety of colours and can be installed almost anywhere. These can be open closed and almost any height you like.

Party Marquee Hire Herne Bay

Our marquee hire company can supply a range of party marquees, all flexible enough to service multiple purposes within party events. This could mean covers for dance floors, sheltered areas for a team to get together and celebrate something, or even just a way to keep a venue clear of rain.

Our Party Shelters

We can also make sure to include all relevant equipment as needed – heating, lighting, flooring, and anything else you need to keep the party going. Our marquee hire company specialists can work with each client to figure out exactly what kind of equipment they will need, even for simple party events.

Trapeze Marquee Hire Herne Bay

Trapeze marquees are a very open-plan option that removes most of the need for ropes and guide lines, as well as allowing easy access from most directions. These can be ideal for events like weddings, where keeping an area open and accessible can be important for a range of different reasons.

Our Trapeze Marquee Hire Herne Bay

We offer trapeze shelters alongside all of our other fantastic marquee designs, enabling customers to get the kind of shelter they prefer.

Since these trapeze designs are relatively versatile, they can work for almost all kinds of events, meaning that they can be a perfect addition to nearly any venue that requires something with fewer restrictions.

Tipi Hire Herne Bay

A tipi can be a simple but stylish form of marquee hire, providing you with a smaller and more comfortable space that can work wonders for events that need to look good.

Our tipi options are suitable for a range of venue and occasion types and can easily be customised with different furniture and lighting to suit the situation.

Our Tipis

Our services include quite a range of tipi hire options, all of which are highly flexible and suitable for a good range of different situations. Our marquee hire company experts can help tailor your chosen tipi options to your situation, giving you the right kind of marquee shelter for the event you are planning.

Gazebo Hire Herne Bay

Gazebos provide a more solid alternative to standard marquee hire options, giving you an angular shelter that can be ideal for any event with limited space or a more formal tone. These can be perfect for providing a flexible, multi-functional space that can work for nearly any event, whether it is used to shelter equipment or protect food from the rain.

Our Gazebos

Our marquee hire company services include picking out a range of gazebo options to match the style and setting of your event, giving you visual consistency with the spaces you set up.

We can offer a good range of gazebo options that are all suitable for various different uses and roles, with enough flexibility to work as any kind of general sheltered space.

Corporate Marquee Hire Herne Bay

We can offer marquee hire company services for corporate events, delivering versatile and simplistic shelter structures that are perfect for any outdoor get-togethers or company events.

No matter the occasion, we know how to supply the right equipment to each company, giving them bespoke presentation stages and display spaces for both internal and external purposes.

Our Corporate Events Marquees

We can work with all clients to provide some of the best corporate marquee options in the UK. As a marquee hire company, we understand how important branding and presentation are, and we can help companies of all scopes and sizes find the right marquee options to represent their brand during major events or promote a specific service to a mass crowd.

Marquee Furniture Hire Herne Bay

Working as a marquee hire company also means that we have to provide the furniture needed to make our marquee spaces worthwhile and usable. We can offer a huge range of furniture and equipment for almost any event, whether that is seating and surfaces or dance floors and lighting.

Our Marquee Furniture

We work hard to ensure that we have a full range of different furniture items in stock, all of which can contribute towards our high-quality marquees.

Having the right furniture and equipment available can make a big difference, and part of our marquee hire company service involves giving our customers the spaces they need for upcoming events – furniture and gear included.

Wedding Marquee Hire Herne Bay

One of our most popular marquee hire company services is wedding marquees. Good wedding marquees can make a wonderful day even more special, and a wedding marquee can provide valuable shelter during outdoor wedding events.

We take great pride in our wedding marquee options, making sure that we can offer our customers the right wedding marquee hire service for all kinds of wedding events.

Our Wedding Marquee Options

We can provide a wide range of fantastic marquee options for wedding events. A wedding deserves a high-quality marquee that fits the event theme and style perfectly, and our marquee hire company services include finding wedding-suitable marquees.

No matter the kind of wedding you are having, we can pick out the best wedding marquees for your event needs.

Party Tent Hire Herne Bay

Party tents can be an invaluable part of marquee hire. As a full-scale marquee hire company, we make sure that we have great event party tents available, allowing our team to provide flexible and well-produced party tents that offer a lot of space.

These can be highly efficient and high-quality marquee alternatives that can hold anything from dance floors to entire weddings, as well as whatever equipment your event needs.

Our Party Tents

We can provide a good variety of party tent marquee hire options. These can be great for an event that needs a larger indoor space, whether that is for a wedding service or to just store equipment and serve food. We can also provide heating and cooling equipment, lighting, furniture, and anything else your event party tent would require.

Glamping Tent Hire Herne Bay

We can offer glamping tents for a more luxurious feel, combining modern equipment and good lighting with a stylish and comfortable interior. These can be great for wedding day events, providing comfort before and after the wedding service, but can also be an excellent choice for nearly any event type or situation.

Our Glamping Tents

Our excellent glamping tents are high-quality marquee hire options, combining luxury and convenience in a unique way. Our team can help you find the best marquee options for your event, and that includes glamping tents. We can even prepare specialised tents for weddings or other major event types.

Barn Marquee Hire Herne Bay

Barn marquees combine the versatility of a marquee with the aesthetics and size of a barn. Our marquee hire company can offer some excellent spaces for any event, and that includes unique barn marquees that we take great pride in constructing.

Our Barn Marquees

Our marquee company experts know how to produce a high-quality marquee across many different styles, and that includes unique barn spaces for events.

From weddings to family get-togethers, we aim to be a marquee hire company that you can rely on for unique and bespoke shelters.

Traditional Marquee Hire Herne Bay

As a marquee hire company, we understand how important aesthetics can be. We can provide a range of traditional marquee hire company options, including a range of oriental marquees and other specialised shelters.

Whether you are wanting a traditional wedding or just want a high-quality marquee that does something unique, our team can provide it.

Our Traditional Marquees

We have a range of different design options to offer, with traditional shelters being one of the many different types we can provide. Our hire team understand how to provide a high-quality marquee that matches a range of service and event types, and we take great pride in the range of options we can supply to customers.

Frame Marquee Hire Herne Bay

Our frame shelters are flexible, cost-effective, and ideal for a range of events. Whether they are meant for big weddings or simple outdoor get-togethers, our marquee company can provide a variety of hire options that combine simplicity and low cost with great functionality.

Our Frame Marquees

We work hard to ensure that all of our customers can find what they need, and that includes our frame shelter designs. As a professional marquee company, we know how useful these designs can be and can take full advantage of their flexibility to give our clients the bespoke space they are looking for. Hire Herne Bay

Marquee Hire Cost Herne Bay

The cost of marquee hire in Herne Bay varies based on a range of factors, even within our marquee company hire choices. The cost to hire a marquee, company to company, will deviate due to things like:
  • Hire length.
  • Hire terms.
  • Hire location and delivery costs.
  • Installation complexity.
  • Extra furniture (such as chairs).
  • Bespoke additions and features.
  • Specific decorations (such as wedding-related additions for weddings).

How much does Marquee Hire cost?

Our marquee company hire prices vary based on the kind of shelter and service that you are looking for, but we are always happy to talk over the costs with our customers. We take great pride in our work and understand that, as a hire company, we are responsible for giving our clients what they need at a price they can afford.
Type of MarqueeEstimated Cost Range (Approx.)
Traditional Marquees£800 – £2,500
Stretch Tents£1,000 – £3,000
Tipis£1,200 – £4,000
Glamping Tents£1,500 – £4,500
Frame Marquees£1,000 – £3,500
Saddlespan Tents£1,500 – £5,000
Giant Structures£2,000 – £8,000
Multi-Deck Structures£2,500 – £10,000

Marquee Hire Events Herne Bay

We can provide hire service options for a range of events, including:

Weddings & Receptions

Herne Bay wedding marquees can be an excellent addition to any wedding service, keeping wedding guests out of the rain and allowing weddings themselves to be contained in a smaller area.

Funerals & Wakes

Our shelter options can work well for funerals and wakes in Herne Bay, offering some more comfort and a dedicated place to rest if somebody is overcome with grief or stress at the gathering.

Engagement Get-Togethers

Even before weddings, our wedding marquees can serve as great engagement party shelters in Herne Bay. With a few chairs and surfaces, they can become a great sheltered space to stay out of the rain and get comfortable in an open area.


Outdoor christenings often require some kind of shelter just to deal with the rain. The more high-profile or important the christening is, the more specialised our company can make the shelters we offer.

Corporate Events

Outdoor corporate events in Herne Bay – both internal employee events and public-facing events – can rely on a marquee hire service to turn out well. A full corporate event needs more than just chairs, and we can provide a stage and presentation area that is perfect for any industry and team.


Barbeques are best when you have shelter to keep the rain off and to help provide a comfortable spot to eat. With a few chairs and tables, you can have a makeshift dining room, even in the middle of a field.

Birthday Parties

Our shelter options can benefit birthday events really well. Whether they are meant to keep the rain off or just provide a nice place to sit down on some chairs and rest, we can provide the right kind of structure to keep you comfortable.

Christmas Parties

Christmas events are often at risk of rain or snow. However, our shelter options can make it a lot easier to deal with the incoming bad weather, all while keeping the space more comfortable overall.

Garden Party Marquees

Garden events in Herne Bay are one of the best places to add shelter like this, even if they are for something small and casual rather than a wedding or other large-scale event.

Promotional Stands

We can supply a range of promotional stand marquee options to any companies and businesses that might need them.

Country Shows & Fairs

Various shows and fairs can benefit from this kind of marquee addition, especially if bad weather would force open-air stands and shows to be cancelled outright.

Exhibitions / Event Stands

Exhibitions and displays often need some extra protection. Using our Herne Bay marquee options can help keep important items safe from rainwater damage.

Housewarming Parties

Housewarming events often involve a lot of time spent outdoors, and our marquee options can help provide the shelter you are looking for before you fully move into your new home.

Festival Marquees

All kinds of outdoor festivals, no matter the subject, are much easier to manage with contained and rain-protected spaces to take shelter in.

Bonfire Nights

Several small shelters around a central bonfire or fire pit can make all the difference when you are celebrating outdoors.

Sporting Event Marquees

Sporting events in Herne Bay are a lot easier to deal with outdoors when the spectators and coaches have somewhere comfortable to sit, take shelter and watch the event.

Marquee Hire Benefits

Our Herne Bay marquee shelter options offer great protection from bad weather, can be used in almost any circumstance, and are perfect for constructing a usable event space in an otherwise empty and open outdoor area.

We work hard to give our clients a huge range of choices when it comes to shelter options, whether that is wedding spaces or just a team resting area at a sports event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size marquee do I need for 30 guests?

A shelter roughly 15 meters squared in size is best for a group of 30, whether those are partygoers or a sports team.

What size marquee do I need for 50 guests?

For 50 guests, 25m squared is usually around the right amount – more if you want extra chairs, equipment and features within the shelter itself.

How big of a marquee do I need for 60 guests?

At 60 guests, expect slightly more than you would need for 50 – around 30m squared.

What size marquee do I need for 100 guests?

For 100 guests – around the size of a smaller wedding – a shelter of at least 50 meters squared is usually the best choice.

Do I need planning permission for a marquee?

You do not need planning permission for any shelter that is not up longer than 28 days.

Marquee Hire Company Summary

We can offer a range of different shelter options in Herne Bay for nearly any event. To make larger events work, you are relying on all your help and hired equipment, and we aim to provide excellent quality in every single situation.

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